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Common toilet issue called Ghost Flush or Phantom Flush

Does your toilet seem to have a mind of it's own? Do you hear your toilet running when no one is in the bathroom? This common occurrence is your toilet tank randomly filling with water and is caused by leaking water from your tank into the bowl. A simple test you can do to confirm this issue is add a few drops of food coloring to the tank after all water has stopped running after a flush and the tank is no longer filling. After ten minutes or so, look at the bowl water to see if it is colored. If it is, the flapper is not sealing properly or the flush-valve needs repair and may need to be replaced. No job to small give our friendly office staff a call today.

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Parkland was founded by Bruce Barnett Blount on a portion of land that he had inherited from his parents. Mr Blount had the new city chartered in 1963 and became Parkland's first mayor. When the town was first established, the population was 22 residents and 9 homes. Rapid growth since the 90's have increased the city's population in the 2014 census to 30,177.

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Timely - same-day service, professional, courteous and a great value!

Parkland, FL

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Ryan and Cody were very professional. They did the job quickly and cleaned up after themselves. I was very impressed and recommended them to my mother to have some work done. She is also extremely satisfied. I will call them back if I need a plumber again. This is the team to hire for all your plumbing needs.

Lake Worth, FL

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Very nice family run business. They came out to do the estimate on time and when we accepted the fair price they did the job immediately. They replaced a kitchen faucet and the hot and cold water line and cut off valves to the faucet in a professional and timely manner. When asked about an issue with our bathroom drain plug the gentleman quickly fixed it and included it in the original estimate. We highly recommend this company.

Coconut Creek, FL

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Cool guys, worked quickly, did a great job. Was handling a problem for a tenant, working remotely with Ryan was great. Made sure side sprayer worked and hooked up our existing water filter. Professional work.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Team was professional and customer-focused. Eg. In addition to the job requested, they ensured that a rattling pipe was fixed, and advised on other potential plumbing issues. I would recommend and use them again.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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