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Water Filters

Clean water is essential to a healthy life and can affect all aspects of your home. From washing dishes, bathing or drinking and cooking, having a clean supply of water can be the most important thing you can do to promote a healthy life for you and your family. Installing a water filtration system, whether it is attached to a kitchen faucet or a whole-house system can truly make a huge difference in your life.

What Type Of Filter Do I Need?

The type of filter you need depends on what type of contaminants you have in your water. If you have municipal city water the typical contaminants are chlorine and various chemicals as well as sediment and materials contributing to hardness in your water. Private well water can typically contain iron, sediment and hardness minerals, but can also contain nuisance contaminants which can be anything from toxic chemicals to chemicals or minerals that could damage your water pipes. Most municipal water utilities can provide you with a water analysis and can help determine what type of filter is right for your needs.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

Point-of-Use Filters-Filters that can be attached to a faucet or installed under the sink are becoming more popular as an easy and inexpensive solution to remove certain pollutants and chemicals from your drinking water. These filters are very effective at improving the taste of tap water and, depending on the model and size, reducing contaminants such as lead, bacterial parasites and various other chemicals. Filters can be fabric or ceramic screens or the most common type which is activated carbon block. These filters are easily replaceable and inexpensive.

Whole House Filtration-Filtering water from the main water line entering your house offers many advantages and is a preferable solution in many situations. A whole house filtration system treats water entering the home and disperses that water to all the outlets - faucets, kitchen, laundry, baths, showers, toilets - so you get clean water wherever you are in the house.

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